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LDAP / Active Directory

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP, is the common industry standard used when connecting to the database, or “universe of data”, of a hospital or firm. LDAP is used through a network to facilitate sharing files from these databases, particularly between different computers on the network. Active Directory is a commonly used service that helps oversee and manage data connections on a network, and it is this service which communicates using LDAP.

With ReviewMate, LDAP and Active Directory is supported natively, allowing easy integration into ReviewMate's services. For example, ReviewMate's integration system allows users to manage data connections, and to apply them directly to different reviews and tasks. ReviewMate will connect directly to Active Directory systems using the LDAP, and allow for seamless user authentication.

Security is important, which is why ReviewMate prioritizes ease of use when it comes to security options. By making these features easy to use, ReviewMate helps ensure that users utilize these features.

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