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Integration Manager

Secure and robust management of connections and data is crucial to any operation, and ease of use is critical for ensuring users follow through with security protocols. With ReviewMate, you get access to an integration management tool that enables a users to receive data from multiple sources, all under one interface that's easy to digest.

This is what we call an integration. Using ReviewMate's simple integration interface, users have the ability to manage and configure their different connections to various the various sources of their data. This allows for simple and effective management of the data and its security.

ReviewMate also streamlines the process for adding new connections to an integration using an easy, intuitive and user-friendly setup process. With ReviewMate's integration manager, you can directly pipe streams of data right into different reviews and tasks.

The integration system was designed with usability in mind, and having it enables users to securely and easily manage their different data streams. ReviewMate will empower your users by providing them with an easy-to-use interface for securing their data.

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