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Document Manager

Document manager is a simple ECM system, in which you can easily update, track and manage your documents in a secure and HIPPA compliant environment. Document Manager is a module in the ReviewMate platform that allows users to store their audit related files in a centralized and secure location.

In addition, they can easily share files with other users, departments, or certain user roles. Every file imported into the ReviewMate platform will reside in the Document Manager module, including files that are loaded via Integration Manager from an EMR or an abstracting system. Each document will be assigned a unique identifier to help manage version control and ensure proper availability and backup procedures are performed. The system will capture all necessary login information to identify users that accessed and downloaded the document.

Only users with active credentials and have the proper access privileges can access files from the Document Manager. Document Manager works on all popular browsers and supports all known file extensions including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, XML, JSON, TXT, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, HL7, EDI Files such as 837 and others.

Man examining a document

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