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Executive showing paper reports on statistics


Many teams, hospitals, and firms approach summarized reports of findings in vastly different ways. ReviewMate creates a universal approach by allowing the templating of reports that pull data directly from the electronic medical record, the auditors findings, and from a database of insight led by artifical intelligence.

All created reports can be completely customized, from branding, to diagrams, to fine-tuned statistics. Both the visual elements and the data imported into the report templates can be fine-tuned to any need. ReviewMate offers built-in templates for common use-cases, but for more surgically intensive tasks, users may create their own data using SQL queries.

Accuracy Manager

Choose from a range of parameters and gather custom accuracy rates. Arrange a group and pull the findings you need exactly.

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Code Finder

Reference specific code instances historically system-wide. Index historically used codes.

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Customizable dashboards for organizing the data you need. Underline pertinent workflows for auditors, administrators, or create client dashboards for consuming results.

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Summary Templates

Unlimited amount of customizable templates for your firm. From branding to typography, keep your reports consistent seamlessly.

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Coder Report Cards

Easily digestible reports on accuracy with exact comment notes from all associated reviewers. Distributed coder login credentials allow for direct viewable transcripts for accountability.

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All reports can be exported into PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents.

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Document Manager

Share files such as reports, imported spreadsheets, and training materials between different administration levels. HIPAA compliant, and supported by clear version control.

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CDI Communication

Integrate communication with any first-party or third-party CDI team within ReviewMate.

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