Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Module


The ASC (standalone Ambulatory Surgery Center) auditing module of ReviewMate provides:

  • Accuracy rates for all elements including:

    • CPT/HCPCS (Current Procedural Terminology/Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)
    • Modifier
    • Service Units
    • Diagnosis (ICD-10-CM or ICD-9-CM)
    • First-Listed Diagnosis
    • Secondary Diagnosis
    • Procedure Provider
    • CMS-HCC (Hierarchal Condition Category)
  • Pricing takes place within the software eliminating the need for auditors to “toggle” between an encoder and ReviewMate. This also eliminates the need for auditors to re-enter codes and demographics into an encoder/grouper in order to make sequencing decisions.

  • Full suite of references including Coding Clinic, CPT Assistant, Coding Clinic for HCPCS, AHA Coding Handbook, Coders’ Desk Reference, Clinotes and code look-up eliminating the need for an outside product to perform research.

  • Identification on the screen of codes with CMS-HCC value.

  • Identification of line-items that were recalculated as a result of another line-item revision.

  • Full communication between auditors and coders within the software to discuss findings and recommendations.

  • Reconciliation of rebuttals occurs inside of ReviewMate.

  • Conversations between the auditor and coder are saved in a chronological manner and can be accessed by any user.

  • Accuracy rates are available real-time and can be “sliced and diced” to accommodate different situations and date patterns.

  • Extensive library of customizable and exportable reports from raw data to Executive Summaries.

  • Customizable dashboards to enhance the user experience.

  • Multiple user levels allow view-only access to any interested parties providing transparency within your organization.

  • “Audit the Auditor” available for a higher-level quality check of any review in ReviewMate.