Sample Selector & Randomizer Module


Depending on your compliance plan, there may be a predetermined population and volume for your coding audits. There also may be occasions where a certain type of account needs to be audited (for example, certain high risk MS-DRGs). With Sample Selector, this can be accomplished very easily eliminating any previously used manual processes. Sample Selector can automate audit creation (for example, monthly, weekly, etc) and bring accounts into an audit based on predetermined rules (for example, certain code combinations, certain coders, random accounts, etc). The rules for sample selection can be customized or a standard set created by the ReviewMate team can be used. Sample Selector can also accept alphanumeric flags in your data set that can be used to pull accounts out of your data for audit.

For example, if your compliance plan calls for the auditing of 10 accounts per month per coder, this can be set up in ReviewMate one time and scheduled for the whole year. Each monthly audit will be created and accounts populated automatically without any further actions by the user.

Sample Selector also has some robust rules such as safeguarding against choosing duplicate accounts, not choosing accounts that have already been audited, and assuring that accounts get updated real-time if an account gets updated.