Workflow Analytics Module


Workflow Analytics is a module that helps managers understand the flow of their audits and measure the productivity of their staff. Workflow Analytics highlights any bottlenecks that may increase project duration and increase auditing costs. This module displays detailed metrics from the beginning of an audit until the reporting is finalized. It will show staff productivity on monthly, daily, and yearly basis for both reviewers and coders. The system can display and report turnaround times of patient accounts and audits so the user can understand their workflow pattern and forecast future projects. It creates metrics for:

  • Findings per Audit Type per Reviewer
  • Communication and collaboration time
  • Number of diagnosis, procedure and CPT/HCPCS codes reviewed
  • Number of assigned records vs. number of completed records
  • Timeline of every single event taking place from creation of an audit to completion
  • Productivity between two auditors taking into consideration many aspects of audit complexity