Auditing Management

In addition to our auditing modules, ReviewMate® has tools to assist audit managers with time management, workflow analytics, as well as assistance with data analytics. These tools will assist in analyzing the amount of time your auditor and coders are spending on particular tasks which in turn will allow better forecasting of future projects. It will also assist in identifying bottlenecks of a project to assure a smooth audit project.

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Time Management

With our Time Management module, users will be able to track where their users are spending their time. ReviewMate collects the amount of time users are spending on the different screens in the software. This allows managers to account for time spent on different activities such as auditing, communicating, reporting, etc. Click below for more information!
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Workflow Analytics

Workflow Analytics is a module that helps managers understand the flow of their audits and measure the productivity of their staff. Workflow Analytics can be used to highlight any bottlenecks that may increase project duration and increase auditing costs. Click below for more details!
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CMS-HCC Data Parsing Service

CMS-HCC Data Parsing Service is offered by Pickerson Solutions, LLC as a way to take a universe of claims data and parse it down to only accounts qualified for the CMS Risk Adjustment program. The result is an Excel spreadsheet that can be loaded into our CMS-HCC module for audit and analysis. Click here for more information!
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Change Tracker

Change Tracker provides a full history of all transactions that took place for a particular account that has been audited in ReviewMate. Click below for more information!