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Education Tracking

It's vital for your coders to stay educated with modern codes and practices. ReviewMate gives your auditors the ability to suggest training materials to coders when auditing. This communication is optional, but integral for providing resources to coders that need them for the purpose of improving their coding.

Compliance is important, and mistakes can be easy to make and subtle in nature. ReviewMate's education tracking allows your auditors to not only correct mistakes, but to help prevent future mistakes in a way that is intuitive to coders, audits, and clients. It's a win-win situation for all - the coders can be trained to make less mistakes, auditors will then get to utilize their time more effectively, and organizations get a more robust work environment.

The training materials for this feature are provided by nThrive, a well-developed service that provides tutorials and articles which are AHIMA compliant, and assist in billing education. In ReviewMate, all codes are indexable toward training materials, so suggesting a particular training material is as simple as clicking a button.

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