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Customizable Tasks

When it comes to auditing, communication is key, and clear communication requires clear subjects to communicate. ReviewMate utilizes tasks, a unit of auditing information (such as a set of accounts) that index progression and communication notes. Using the ReviewMate task features, users are allowed a convenient way to interact with and share a compartmentalized set of findings.

Users can add these findings to any dashboard, export them to be gathered into a report, or to isolate accountability using online logins with other end-users. Not only do tasks provide a convenient and clear way to divide an auditor's work, but it addresses the very important problem of differentiating between different clients and/or firms. Since auditors often balance whole jobs between their auditing and communication post-evaluation, ReviewMate allows auditors an easy way to retrieve necessary information.

Simple and effective communication forms the backbone for any successful organization. Using ReviewMate's task system, you can make sure to capture the information you need in order to conduct clear and precise reviews of an auditor's work, thus enabling easy and intuitive communication.

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