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For top-down administration uses, ReviewMate enhances capabilities of many managers, clients, and end-users of the auditing process. Time tracking, staffing analytics, integrations, and elaborate risk management are focuses of ReviewMate.

Staffing Analytics

Time tracking and progress transparency, against tasks, findings, accounts. Track goals and accountability with visual charts and dashboard plugins.

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Customizable Tasks

Customizable task responses allow all users to focus on pertinent issues. Field or view verbose responses based on user preferences.

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Audit The Auditor

Review completed audits and reviews by adding layered documentation. Original data is referential and integrated.

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Education Tracking

Directly assign training materials from either custom uploaded training resources such as videos, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations, or use integrated nThrive's training modules.

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ReviewMate Insights

Benchmark and compare performance against other ReviewMate users. Offers advice, community and insight within local scopes, global scopes, or 'millions of records within our community'. Exposes common coding errors that integrate with your Risk Manager.

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Risk Manager

Leverage artificial intelligence and historical findings to monitor and stay on-top of potential risks.

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