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Selector Tools

An auditor needs good selector tools to help them in their auditing. This makes good selector tools essential, and ReviewMate has a special focus on creating easy-to-use tools for all scenarios to help empower your auditors. A variety of different querying parameters are integrated for every auditing account to help extract the exact accounts you need from your database. ReviewMate also includes randomized selection as an additional way to query random accounts, helping to reduce the chance of errors, keeping your records spick and span (and compliant!).

Not only does ReviewMate contain flexible manual selection tools, all querying and sample selections can be customized to run automatically, allowing your auditor to tailor their auditing process to their needs, improving productivity and reducing mistakes. Routine audits are the standard when it comes to end-user firms. With ReviewMate, these tasks are only a few clicks away from being automated, allowing tasks or findings to be automatically populated.

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