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ProFee, or professional fee, refers to coding and billing the physician side of a patient encounter. ProFee coding covers the work performed by the provider and the reimbursement they will receive for the medical services performed.

Because Profee billing directly affects providers, it can be more strict than other types of accounts. Because of the very narrow margin for error as an auditor, ReviewMate is prepared in addressing the exact punctuality that you need.

In addition to ReviewMate's standard features for auditing, our Profee module features:

  • Optional logic-based E&M Form tool allows auditors to analyze the provider note and determine the correct E&M level. The tool contains 1995, 1997, and the new 2021 criteria. The E&M Form is exportable for easy reporting and training.
Female doctor analyzing a chart

All auditing account types are considered part of the core of ReviewMate's auditing system that covers many features such as:

  • Customizable settings for analyzing overall accuracy rates. Adjust for particular coders, tasks or firms.
  • Grouping and pricing take place within the software eliminating the need for auditor to "toggle" between an encoder and ReviewMate for better resequencing decisions.
  • Full suite of references including Coding Clinic, CPT Assistant, Coding Clinic for HCPCS, Clinotes, Principal Diagnosis Analysis, DRG Analysis, and AHA Coding Handbook
  • Built-in code look-up for performing research intuitively.
  • Full suite of edits/warnings including gender and age conflicts, MCE edits, critical error and TruCode warnings.
  • Reconciliation of rebuttals occurs inside of ReviewMate.
  • Conversations between the auditor and coder are saved in a chronological manner and can be accessed by any user.
  • Accuracy rates available real-time and can be sliced and diced to accommodate different situations and date patterns.
  • Extensive library of customizable and exportable reports from raw data to Executive Summaries.
  • Customizable dashboards to enhance the user experience.
  • Multiple user levels allow view-only access to any interested parties providing transparency within your organization.
  • "Audit the Auditor" available for a higher-level quality check of any audit in ReviewMate.
  • Identification on the screen of codes with CMS-HCC values.

Any particular questions or inquiries? We'd like to hear from you.